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Most of our work is very custom. This is a basic price list.

Please reach out with questions on anything you don’t see here by:


phone: 860-872-7373


Q. What materials do we use for our grips?

    A. We offer Bone, Rams Horn, Buffalo Horn, Fancy Walnut, Plain Walnut 

Q. Why can’t I have ivory?

    A. We have not been allowed to buy or sell ivory since July of 2016.  If you want ivory, the best alternative is Bone.  In our opinion it is the closest you can get in both appearance and feel. We make bone grips for large gun companies such as Nighthawk Custom, and Colt Firearms.

Q. I have a Colt Single Action.  Why do you I need to send my gun to you if I only want grips?

    A.  To achieve a seamless fit I need your SAA.  Each backstrap is different and no two are the same.  Your revolver will be kept safe and secure during it’s time with us. The end result will be a  perfect fit to your individual revolver. You will be responsible for the return shipping of your firearm.

Q.  How do I ship my firearm to you?

    A. In most states the requirements are that the firearm needs to be shipped via Fedex or UPS, overnight, with an adult signature required.



    - SAA Grips bone or Rams horn $598

    - Service style Python grips bone or rams horn $598

           *We do not offer the large target style python grips*

    - SAA plain walnut $399

    - Fancy walnut $499

    - 1911 grips and all 1911 clones bone or rams horn $298

        *double diamond checkering added to any 1911 grip $250    additional charge 

        *standard nickel or gold Colt medallions are no additional charge 

    - upgraded medallions range between $40-$95


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