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Action Work

What we offer at Nutmeg Sports is excellent custom tuned action jobs.  We begin by deburring the internal working surfaces of your gun.  We then stone, hand hone and polish all of the mating surfaces of the internal parts.  We install a new custom made main spring and bolt spring.  We do not use piano springs for our bolt springs.  They give a nice feel, but they don't last.  We stick with the traditional Colt style custom flat leaf bolt spring.  When you cock your single action it will feel silky smooth.  Your trigger pull will be lightened but not to the point that your gun is unsafe.  There will be no perceptible “creep” and the trigger break will be nice and crisp. 

We also offer to recut your barrel forcing cone to a precise 11 degrees followed by a mirror polish.  What this does is give your cartridge the smooth start it must have on it's journey down and through the rest of the barrel before it impacts the intended target at the exact spot you wanted.  You will find that your accuracy has improved and your group sizes are smaller.  


Our Action Job and Re-cutting and polishing your forcing cone is priced at $250.  The guns we will work on are the Colt SAA and most Colt SAA clones. 


Complete action job & Re-cut and polish barrel forcing cone: $275

We offer special pricing for clients that send their guns in for SAA custom grips, an action job, and re-cutting and polishing the barrel forcing cone.  We will discount the action work by $50, if you are purchasing grips from us.

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