SERIES 70 COLT CHECKERED WALNUT GRIPS These grips are brand new original Colt series 70 walnut grips. With original genuine Colt medallions. These grips are getting harder and harder to find. $45.00

1911 PEWTER U.S.M.C. GRIPS These grips were cast from solid pewter. They're not extremely heavy, but they are heavy enough to tame the recoil of that big 1911 45 cartridge. They display beautiful artwork of the United States Marine Core symbol. They look wonderful, they fit all Colt 1911's and Colt 1911 clones. A wonderful addition to your gun. $75.00

COLT CREST PEWTER 1911 GRIPS Beautiful pair of Colt crest 1911 pewter grips. $75.00

COLT WALNUT 1911 GRIPS GOLD MEDALLIONS Beautiful pair of original Colt walnut grips. They have been fitted with gold Colt medallions. $35.00

GENUINE COLT 1911 WOOD GRIPS These are genuine Colt 1911 walnut grips. They have beautiful striped graining, and have been fitted with special Colt medallions. $38.00

GENUINE COLT BLACK EAGLE GRIPS These are new once fitted original Colt Black Eagle grips. They may or may not fit your revolver. very affordably priced. Standard Colt grip screw is included. $35.00

GENUINE COLT OFFICER'S PACHMAYR These are original Colt Pachmayr Officer's grips. They will fit any Colt Officer's model. They are brand new. $20.00

IMITATION IVORY OVERSIZE COLT SAA GRIPS These are imitation ivory with very rare Colt Custom Shop Medallions. They are slightly oversize and could be fitted down to any generation Colt single action. $125.00

PEWTER AMERICAN EAGLE 1911 GRIPS This is a beautiful pair of 1911 pewter grips. They will fit the Colt 1911 and all of it's clones. $75.00

ROSEWOOD 1911 GRIPS These are rosewood 1911 grips that have been beautifully checkered in a double diamond pattern. They have been cut for an ambi safety. $38.00

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