Colt SAA or SAA style fitted to the gun $575 plus return overnight shipping and insurance. Standard Colt nickel or gold medallions no extra charge. One piece configuration no extra charge.

Colt Government Model 1911 style and 1911 clones $275 plus $11 shipping & insurance.

Colt Bisley or Bisley style $850 plus return overnight shipping.

Colt .380 Government, Mustang, or Pocketlite Models $220 plus $11 shipping & insurance.

Colt Python Service Style $575 plus $11 shipping & insurance.

Colt Baby Dragoon  $575 plus return shipping and insurance.

Colt New Service revolver,1st, 2nd, and 3rd model Dragoon & 1860 Army $675 plus return shipping and insurance.

High relief carving $300 per side and up.

Scrimshaw in B&W $175 per side and up.

Checkering Standard plain border $250

Call for specific pricing on your needs.


M1 Standard Colt medallion, available in gold or nickel plate. No charge.

M2 Extremely rare original genuine Colt antique coin style, available in antique brass or pewter. $30 extra.

M3 & M4 Deep dish reproduction style, the only known Colt medallion where the rampant colt faces forward on each side of the gun, available in gold plate(M3) or pewter finish (M4). $30 extra.

M5 Sold out.

M6 Original genuine Colt Custom Shop standard size $30 extra.

M7 5/8" diameter Airborne cloisonne $40 extra.

M8 5/8" diameter Airborne cloisonne $40 extra.

M9 5/8" diameter 150th anniversary cloisonne $30 extra.

M10 5/8" diameter cloisonne full rampant colt $30 extra.

M11 5/8" diameter cloisonne blue & nickel gold serpentine colt $30 extra.

M12 5/8" diameter state of Minnesota cloisonne $50 extra.

M13 1/2" diameter 10MM Delta Elite $30 extra.

M14 5/8" diameter state of Texas cloisonne in blue and gold  $30 extra.

M15 5/8" diameter Wisconsin state patrol cloisonne $30 extra.

M16 5/8" diameter cloisonne black & nickel serpentine colt $30 extra.

Payment can be made by cash, certified check, money order, Visa, MasterCard or personal check. Personal checks may delay shipment. We do not have the typical "ADD TO CART" web site order system.

We want to talk to you. We want to hear your voice and for you to hear our voice. We want to be clear on what it is that you want, color, medallions, one piece, two piece, ambi safety, mag well style etc. So phone your order in to 860-872-7373. We are almost always here but if you get our machine, rest assured we will call you back shortly. If you would like to purchase directly from our secure store page, you can do that as well.

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