Custom Tuned Actions


So many times clients will tell me that after I fit their custom grips and ship their gun back to them they are going to ship it out again for an action job.  With the cost of shipping a handgun these days it makes perfect sense to let me do both the grips and the action work.

I am very qualified to do action work.  The Colt SAA has been my life's work and I was taught about the Colt SAA by the finest old time Colt Master Gunsmiths in the world.  The men who worked full time at the Colt factory when I worked there.  Some of these old gents were on the bench assembling guns as youngsters right around the time that WWI was being fought.  They were willing to share over fifty years of knowledge and experience.  That information and invaluable experience was passed on to me nearly forty years ago.  Ever since then my life has involved guns and especially the SAA. 

During my long tenure with Colt’s Manufacturing it became clear to me that while the factory was filled with old time experts nobody had ever documented what they had to say about processes, testing procedures, and general instructions on how to perform certain tasks.  That was over thirty five years ago.  I knew then that something had to be done to capture that information before it was lost to time.  I decided to take on that job.  The final result was a first time ever inspection manual that explained in words and sketches how to complete an extremely thorough functional inspection of SAA revolvers, double action revolvers and semi-auto pistols.  My manual explained to both current and future workers the how to’s of inspecting Colt handguns.  In easy to understand terms and illustrations workers could read and see how to identify the many characteristics that can go wrong.  Things like, light or heavy pull, early or late bolt drop, tight or open barrel joints and on and on.  I am proud to say that my manual was approved by all Colt department heads and not only was it mass printed for distribution to employees, it is the only known Colt inspection manual ever written and is still in use today.  I am not exaggerating when I say “I wrote the book on the methods and processes to use to properly inspect a handgun at Colt” 

We receive guns for engraving and grip work all the time and we can’t help but notice that so many of them have very poor actions.  It’s disappointing to put beautiful ivory on a gun that is hard to cock with a heavy trigger pull and a mile of “creep”. 

There are some things that we just will not do.  The primary thing we will not do is produce a trigger pull that is so light it would be unsafe.  We also do not offer coil spring conversions.  I know of one person that had one done and it cost him over $1000!!  The guy converted all of the springs over to coil springs and performed all kinds of surgery to the frame.  In my mind it was a Colt no longer.  It just doesn’t make sense to me to take a tried and true design that has been working extremely well for over 175 years and change it to something totally different.  If a shooter wants a gun with coil springs they can buy one and save a ton of money. 

Here at Nutmeg I have tried to stress the “KISS” principle.  I keep on telling myself to “Keep it simple stupid.”  I have noticed on some other sites that a lot of people offer a huge long laundry list of custom services with lots of different types of action jobs.  I get dizzy just reading the list.  Prices can get outrageous.  The real funny thing is that just from reading what these so called experts say, it's clear that they don't have a clue as to what they are doing.  One competitor of ours says he is a "Specialist" with the Peacemaker.  In reality he is a part timer as evidenced by his long lead times.  The only thing that is "Special" with that guy is how much he charges and how long he hangs on to your gun!  He charges $700 for ivory grips and $300 for a basic action job.  That's $1000 for what we do for many hundreds less.  Let's be honest.  We all have a right to a reasonable profit but why gouge a guy just because he has a Colt?!!  They try and dazzle the client by using made up technological terms.  It's an insult to the guy that wants a nice feeling action.  I never could figure out why people try to line their pockets by overcharging and selling someone something they can buy elsewhere for a lot less.  I guess they do it because they can.

What we offer at Nutmeg Sports is excellent custom tuned action jobs.  We begin by deburring the internal working surfaces of your gun.  We then stone, hand hone and polish all of the mating surfaces of the internal parts.  We install a new custom made main spring and bolt spring.  We do not use piano springs for our bolt springs.  They give a nice feel, but they don't last.  We stick with the traditional Colt style custom flat leaf bolt spring.  When you cock your single action it will feel silky smooth.  Your trigger pull will be lightened but not to the point that your gun is unsafe.  There will be no perceptible “creep” and the trigger break will be nice and crisp. 

We also offer to recut your barrel forcing cone to a precise 11 degrees followed by a mirror polish.  What this does is give your cartridge the smooth start it must have on it's journey down and through the rest of the barrel before it impacts the intended target at the exact spot you wanted.  You will find that your accuracy has improved and your group sizes are smaller.  

Another thing we don’t do is the gun show circuit.  I don’t know how a person can be out on the road all the time, writing books, selling videos, doing demonstrations, TV shows, and still be able to service the clients in a timely fashion.


“Hi Jim…..My Colt just arrived from UPS…..I can’t tell you how pleased I am….the handcrafted grips are gorgeous and the action job was the best I have ever felt, and I have had several done.  More of my Colts will be coming your way for both ivory and custom tuning!….Thanks again.”


Our Action Job and Re-cutting and polishing your forcing cone is priced at $250.  Our lead time is the best in the industry.   At Nutmeg, this is not a hobby.  It is a full time endeavor.   When you call here, nine times out of ten I answer the phone.  We do have an answering machine but most of the time you get a live person to speak with. 

The guns we will work on are the Colt SAA and most Colt SAA clones. 


Complete action job & Re-cut and polish barrel forcing cone:$275

We offer special pricing for clients that send their guns in for SAA custom grips, an action job, and re-cutting and polishing the barrel forcing cone.  We will discount the action work by $50, if you are purchasing grips from us.

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