380 COLT MAGAZINES These Colt 380 magazines will fit the mustang, pocketlite, nightlite, or Colt pony. They have a full 7 round capacity with the added finger piece at the base. This finger piece makes the hand hold much more comfortable, and gives you someplace to put your pinky finger. Don't be fooled by imitations. These are orginal Colt magazines. The gun is not included. $40.00

COLT 22 LR BARREL 22 long rifle Huntsman model "S" Colt barrel. Brand new, never been on a gun, mint condition. This would fit onto a Huntsman. $40.00

COLT 22 PEACMAKER EJECTOR HOUSING ASSEMBLY Here is a brand new mint condition never been used Colt 22 cal Peacemaker ejector housing assembly. Included is the housing, the rod & rod head, and the spring. This is for the 22 cal. Peacmaker, not to be confused with the Colt single action army revolver. $125.00

COLT BLUE 45 MAGAZINE Original Colt blue 45 7 round magazine. $21.00

COLT CAP TIN In the early 1970's Colt re-introduced many of the black powder revovers. The attention to detail was amazing. At the same time, Colt reintroduced the case accoutrements that accompnied these revolvers. Bullet molds, powders flasks, nipple wrenches etc. all became part of Colt's plan for this re-introduction. Another of the items introduced were the cap tins. The cap tins we are selling are the original Colt re-production tins. The picture is generic. You can see the small spot of rust on the bottom. Many of our tins exhibit a tiny amount of this rust. You can't go wrong with an original Colt cap tin. $20.00

COLT DIAMONDBACK 22 CAL. HAMMER This is a Colt Diamondback 22 cal. hammer fully assembled and ready to drop in with electrolous nickel finish. $75.00

COLT GOLD CUP BARREL BUSHING BLUE Original Colt parts for the Gold Cup National Match. They are spring loaded barrel bushings. Blue $25.00

COLT GOLD CUP BARREL BUSHING STAINLESS STEEL Original Colt parts for the Gold Cup National Match. They are spring loaded barrel bushings. Stainless steel. $25.00

COLT HAMMER This hammer is for the model J frame which encompasses the trooper and lawman series double action revolver's. Fully assembled and ready to drop in. Nickel plated. $75.00

COLT MAINSPRING HOUSING ASSEMBLY BLUE Here is a very unique original Colt mainspring housing assembly. Included is all the internal parts. It's a flat mainspring housing assembly . It's been fully checkered and serrated. It's a drop in item, no internal assembly required. $75.00

COLT SAUER 300 WINCHESTER This is a great magazine. Has some handling marks. Very rare. $75.00

COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY BARREL Brand new mint condition Colt single action army 2nd generation 357 Magnum barrel. $250.00 $199.00 On Sale!

COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY EJECTOR HOUSING Complete single action army ejector housing. Including ejector rod, ejector rod head, assembly screw, spring, and the housing. The complete assembly. It appears to have been on a gun once, but is in mint condition. It should fit right on your Colt single action. $125.00

SCREW DRIVER SET Finally, here is your opportunity to own a special screw driver set that is specifically made for the Colt Single Action Army Revolver. 100% made in the U.S.A. this is an extremely high quality three piece set. These are hand assembled, and custom hollow ground for a precise slot fit of the three required sizes for complete disassembly of your valuable Colt SAA. Each set comes with a useful case with belt loops for convenient carrying. A must for every Colt SAA enthusiast. $39.99

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